Legal Service

The Real Estate Agents in Spain, for his or her work of promoting, advising and selling a property, normally charge 5% of the selling price.

The Lawyers in Spain for a basic intervention in a purchase process charge a fee between 1% and 2% of the property price. The basic intervention consist in: Checking the charges on the property, Draw up the purchase contract and Preparation of purchase deeds.

Use the power you have as a buyer, instead of going directly to a realtor, developer, or even a private seller, to purchase the property, do it through us and receive a full service of legal advice, guidance during the buying and execution of whole works related to the purchase.

As Spanish Official Real Estate Agents and Lawyers, Our professional activities are covered by liability insurances to protect your interests in case of error or misconduct.

Once you have got contacted Spanish Property Expert requesting our facilitate we are going to work along to search out a property in Spain per your preferences and budget.

No matter however long it takes, we are going to find yourself presenting to you all the out there properties per your necessities and budget within the space you are looking for.

After doing the preliminary choice of properties, we are going to blow over a primary legal checking of the chosen ones so as to understand everything regarding them before the visit.

When you have determined the properties to go to, we are going to prepare the visitation schedule per your accessibility, resolution the queries that might encounter.

In the case of you have got found a property by yourself and wish to own our services without charge, you need to allow us to contact with the vendor 1st and introduce you as our shopper. We are going to negotiate our fee with the vendor earlier.

The first and most significant factor, before beginning with the negotiations, are to form a property valuation taking under consideration all the factors that might have influence within the investment you’re thinking to form. This valuation can tell to Spanish Property Expert 64000 euro value of the property in market terms and whether or not a technical examination of the property is required.

Meanwhile the due diligence works area unit being done by Spanish Property Expert , checking charges and encumbrances and each different side that might have an effect on to the acquisition. we glance for that once the contract is ready, all the circumstances and the way to subsume them area unit determined.

When the contract is signed we are going to prepare each factor and do the work necessary to you acquire the property freed from liens and previous debts. The sign language of the property deeds before a notary public are swish , while not surprises, per all that were united.

Tax returns

Depending on what  kind of property, the client is liable by totally completely different taxes managed by different Administrations. We are going to beware on your behalf of doing the entire tax work.

Registration of Property Deeds

We will gift the property deeds at the Land written record to be inscribed, doing all what’s necessary to eliminate any previous charge on the property.

During the executive method, just in case of any request from the various Administrations or Entities concerned within the getting, we are going to be there to attend it and respond on your behalf so as to everything ends properly.

Prior to this, it’ll be necessary get associate Spanish number (NIE) associated open an account during a bank that works in European country.

Obtain the Residence Visa attributable to investment in Property

If the explanation of shopping for the property in Spain is owing to obtaining the residence allow attributable to investment during a property in Spain, we are going to beware of the entire body method to get it.


Every detail are motor-assisted, Applying and obtaining the NIE (Spanish financial Identification number), gap a checking account, Notification to the Community of homeowners, The modification on the possession of the house Utilities.


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