Move to Spain

Make the Decision

If you have plans to move to Spain for either a short or long time, it is must then that you have the urge, a firm decision, and constancy. The hot weather in Spain might seem really appealing to you – but it isn’t enough of a reason for you to move there. You may like the hot weather and the sunny days there at first but when you’ll have to work in it for straight hours, all that may not remain attractive anymore and there are chances that you may grow sick of it. If you’re the type of person who likes their work done right away then you’re not a person who’ll like the lifestyle of Spain. The living style in Spain is quite slow and things there take a while to be done. Living in Spain is not an easy task like taking holidays. Do you still consider moving to Spain? Yes? Then read ahead and go for it!


You might already have a home to go to when you go to Spain, maybe you’re planning to get a place when you go there. Maybe you already have work to do there or maybe you’re planning to find work when you go there. You don’t need to panic if you don’t have any preparations done, you can get work and a place both, its going to depend on what area of Spain you’ll be moving to.

Decide what of your belonging will you take along to Spain with you, what you’ll leave behind and what you’re going to sell.

  • Pack your stuff up and don’t forget to label the boxes according to the type of things in it.
  • Make sure that you don’t owe anyone anything or anyone owes you anything.
  • Keep the moving date in your mind and make the arrangements accordingly.
  • You should have some money (Euros) for the journey and arrival.
  • You should deal with your pensions, taxes, life insurance, investments, and health care before you move.
  • You should take care of your personal issues before you move.
  • Making the Move

When you’ve made the decision of where you’ll be moving to in Spain, the next step is to make arrangements for how you’ll be traveling there. You should make this decision depending on what you’ll be taking along with you and what will prove to be the easiest and comfortable for you. You could take a car and drive there, you can catch a ferry to get there, you can purchase a one-way or return ticket if flying there seems like the best option for you can do that too, it’s just really about your ease. Driving through France can be really hectic and the tolls there can prove to be very expensive. If all you have are a few cases with you then flying is a much better option. You can find really cheap tickets online. You also need to think about how you’ll travel around when you get to Spain. Spain is quite a big country and you’ll have to travel long distances, so a car is essential. No matter which way you get there, you shouldn’t forget to bring along your important documents like your Driving license, birth and marriage certificates, passports, chequebooks and credit/debit cards. Also, don’t forget to make a few photocopies of all your documents.

Travel Documents

Spain is a part of the EU so if you live in a country which is also a part of the EU then you won’t need a visa to enter Spain. The rights you have in Spain will almost be same as those which you had back in your country. You should have a full ten year EU passport before you leave – make a few photocopies of it and keep one copy in a safe place. If you lose your passport in Spain it’ll be a really bad thing to happen but what would be worse is losing all record of it. You should have photocopies of all your personal documents in case you happen to lose one of the originals.

Arrival in Spain – N.I.E Number

If you’re a foreigner who has moved to Spain, the thing you should do before than anything is to obtain an NIE number. You can have a Gestor submit the application for you, it’ll cost around 100. If you want to do it on your own then go to the National Police Station and get an application form.

Social Security

You need to get a social security number. The process is quite simple, you just need to go to the social security office, take your passport and a photocopy of your passport along. You’re going to have to fill in a form, the form will be in Spanish, no need to worry if you don’t know a lot of Spanish cause it’s going to be just some basic stuff like; name, address, parents’ names etc. It’s not compulsory that you have a job or an NIE number to obtain a social security number.

Looking for work

If you don’t have a job yet, then you should start the job hunt cause obviously, you’ll be needing a source of income. The job demands vary in different areas of Spain.


A Residencia is a permit for people who plan to stay in Spain on a permanent note. If you’re an EU citizen, getting one wouldn’t be necessary for you, but getting one still, has some advantages. The National Police Department issues the Residencias. You can also have a gestor apply for you or you can go through the process by yourself. Pay a visit to the nearest police department, get an application form, fill it and attach the requested documents with it and then submit it. You can pick up your certificate in about 30 days.


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